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6. Government Future Needs

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All governments are looking to take advantage of advancements in communications technology and services to improve and enhance program delivery, and to connect to people working on the land between communities.

This Chapter lists some of the trends identified by federal and territorial participants regarding their future needs […]

6.1 Federal Departments Serving Territories

All federal departments struggle with implementing services in the Arctic that comply with national standards. Whether they are attempting to serve the general public, communicate with head office, coordinate with other government departments, or connect on the land, there are a number of communication trends that were brought forward in the visioning workshops and in the online survey….


6.2 Yukon

A robust tourism industry, a relatively developed road infrastructure, and a largely terrestrial communications infrastructure all help to define some of the key trends that will define the next few years of communication needs and investment in Yukon.

The majority of the population in Yukon live in Whitehorse, along with government workers, yet participants in the Assessment made it clear that communication services to communities need to be increased in order for everyone to properly benefit.

This listing of trends are focused on showing what is unique about Yukon, but certainly many of trends listed in NWT and the federal agencies also apply to Yukon.


6.3 Northwest Territories

While many of the trends in the NWT are similar to Yukon and federal agencies, we have focused on trends that were raised in the workshops and surveys unique to the NWT.

With 10 fly-in communities that rely on satellite, and uneven access to communication services within the territory, it is not surprising that many of the departments expressed an interest in finding ways to use communication technologies to improve access to all kinds of services that can be enabled by better communications.


6.4 Nunavut

There are many unique features to Nunavut that means that some of the communication trends are unique only to Nunavut. Some of these features include:

These realities in Nunavut help to define the communication trends in the future…


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