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1.1 Maps

The Arctic Communications Infrastructure Assessment project has compiled existing communication services in the Canadian Arctic as of February, 2011.

1.2 Visual Data

To quickly reference which backbone or local services are available in Arctic communities, the ACIA data has been compiled into Google Earth for a visual snapshot of what is available in the Arctic.

To access the visual data, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Google Earth 6 at (free).
  2. Download and save this ACIA Data KMZ File to your hard drive.
  3. Double click the ACIA Data file from your hard drive. Google Earth will launch.

Once inside Google Earth, you will see the ‘ACIA Infrastructure Data’ folder on the left hand navigation bar under “My Places”.

Select “ACIA Infrastructure Data” folder.

You can then check and uncheck various folder options listed under the ACIA Infrastructure data to see which services are available in each community in the Arctic, as of February, 2011.

Options include:



Local Services:

*Note: If for some reason you cannot see the icons indicating communications services (upside down teardrops) superimposed on the map, first ensure you have checked the boxes under the Places tab on the services you wish to see. If you still can't see the icons, quit Google Earth, and when it asks you if you wish to save items in your “My Places” folder, select “Save”. Relaunch Google Earth and the icons will appear.

Chart Data in Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of the Assessment lists the inbound and outbound capacity available in Mb/s into and out of each community, listing how the community is connected to the Internet backbone, by fibre, microwave or satellite in chart form.

Local services within communities is also listed in Chapter 4, providing information on which communities have cell phone services and Internet access indicating how the last mile is delivered, through ADSL, wireless Internet, cable Internet, or dial-up.

» Download ACIA Data KMZ File

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